10 Characteristics of 10 kg Basmati Rice that You Should Know

Rice planting steps in simple language
land preparation
Before planting basmati rice 10Kg a suitable land must be chosen for it. It is better if this land has an independent water inlet. Rice field should be plowed in three stages.

The first stage is three weeks before transplanting, the second stage is two weeks and the third stage is one week before transplanting. A tiller or tractor can be used to plow the rice field.

Preparation of rice seeds
Preparing high-quality seeds is one of the most important steps in planting rice. Usually, most rice farmers keep some of their rice crop with paddy every year to use as seed for the next year.

These rices must be kept in standard conditions so that they do not suffer from pests and rot. The seeds should not be exposed to moisture or strong.

light because they may be attacked by insects or rot. If the seeds get spoiled, usually the farmers have to get the seeds they need from somewhere else.

Preparation of rice sprouts
You must have seen that for Haft Sin table greens, wheat seeds, lentils or anything else are placed in a wet cloth for a few days to germinate. One of the stages of rice planting is similar to the germination of Eid greens.

Its dimensions are only slightly wider. To prepare the sprouts of rice, they first put the paddy in a large container or basin made for this purpose and fill the inside of the basin with salt water.

The concentration of salt in water depends on the type of rice. (with or without ribs) but they usually add 3 or 4 kg of salt for every 18 liters of water. This process cleans the seeds.

Because light and thin seeds are placed on the surface of the water and heavy and healthy seeds settle down, and thus after this process, only viable seeds that will germinate will remain.

After this step, healthy seeds are put in special bags and put in water to germinate rice seeds.

Of course, you should be careful not to fill the bags because the volume of rice paddies will increase by absorbing water and may tear the bag.

During this period, do not let the water in the pond dry up and pour water into it constantly.

This stage of planting rice is not finished yet. After 2 to 3 days, the seeds are spread on the ground in front of the sun and covered with a felt cloth to germinate.

After about a week, the rice sprouts are ready.

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