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What is an anti-theft door?
What is an anti-theft door? An anti-theft door, as the name suggests, is a door that prevents thieves from entering and is safe and reliable against any manipulation, destruction and leverage.

which is worth mentioning, this reliability is one hundred percent. It was not, but compared to normal doors, you can see a huge difference and understand the strength of anti-theft doors. Unlike normal doors.

these types of doors have a very high level of safety against pressure, cutting, lever and lock tampering, and they are much more secure than normal doors even with protective fences (accordion).

which is necessary to mention. that the door used must meet the standards of this product and not be different doors with normal fittings and in all respects it must have the global standard of this product, which will be considered in the following hints and tips regarding the purchase of this product.

We have given some basic points when choosing it. Unfortunately, an accurate and complete reference about anti-theft doors and its identification is not available to the publi.

and unfortunately, few companies have taken advantage of people’s ignorance and made doors in the shape and image of doors. Anti-theft doors are sold as anti theft doors.

which do not comply with many or even none of the standards of such doors and have normal safety as normal and anti-theft doors, for example, between two door surfaces.

No metal sheet has been used that can be understood by the eyes and lack of knowledge in this regard It is very difficult to see it.

In this article, we have tried to deal with this issue to some extent and provide the necessary information and tips regarding these types of doors to an acceptable extent.


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