A Man Fell from a Ladder to Pick Green Figs and Severed his Spinal Cord

The more light these trees receive  the more fruit they will bear. The amount of light received has a direct effect on the amount of water required by the fig tree.

Determining the required humidity of a green figs tree is different according to the type of fruit. In general  the humidity level of fig tree cultivation space should be between 30 and 65%. For example.

the humidity of Istahban  which is one of the main poles of dry fig production  is reported to be about 45%.

If you need to supplement the humidity  first provide the amount of water the fig tree needs, then spray your plant with clean water daily.
For example  in the past, the water needs of Estehban figs were met with 450 mm rainfall; But now, with the sharp decrease in rainfall to the limit of 200 mm.

the gardeners have done auxiliary irrigation to provide the moisture and the amount of water required by the fig tree.

wATERING systems
The amount of water required by the fig tree is less than other fruit trees But that doesn’t mean you can forget about watering. Knowing how to properly irrigate fig trees is the main condition for harvesting quality fruits.

The correct way of watering includes knowing the factors affecting the amount of water required by the fig tree .

the best method of watering it, identifying the type of water suitable for irrigation, etc.

There are more than a hundred types of figs in different regions of the world. If each species is properly irrigated, these trees can grow one meter per season. In the following, we will examine the dos and don’ts of watering fig trees.

What are the factors affecting the amount of water needed by fig trees?
To determine the amount of water a tree needs, it is necessary to pay attention to the factors affecting it. In the following, we collected the most important factors.

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