A Man Sleeps Next to his Navel orange Orange Tree at Night so That no One Steals his Oranges

Orange is a fruit from the citrus family. It has an evergreen and leafy tree. The height of the orange tree usually reaches 10 meters.

But this height also depends on the type of orange tree. navel orange came to Iran from Southeast Asia (India and China) and is a hybrid fruit between tangerine and darabi.

Its original type was bitter, and then its breed was improved.

For the first time, traders from the country of Portugal imported this fruit from the country of Portugal. For this reason, in many languages of the world, including Greek, Turkish, Iranian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Georgian, and the language of southern Italy, the word orange still has the same name as Portugal.

Orange fruit is rich in vitamin C. One of the most famous varieties of oranges is Thomson Navel, and Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is one of the most famous places for its cultivation.

Shahsavi orange is also very famous and has a sweet, juicy and delicious taste.

Preparing the planting ground and planting orange seedlings:
To plant an orange tree, you must first prepare the soil of the garden or the land where you want to plant the seedlings, about two months before planting the seedlings.

The purpose of preparation is to make the soil fertile and the planting ground to be completely drained. We will explain the reason for land drainage in the next sections.
The reason why the drainage and preparation of the land under cultivation should be prepared in the month before planting is that the land under planting will settle completely with the seasonal rains.

and when the seedlings are planted, the soil will no longer be settled. Because with the settlement of the cultivated land, the planted roots come out from under the soil and rot.

Now you have to place certain distances on the ground. These distances should be such that you consider the planted sapling as a big tree, so that the leaves of the tree do not go inside each other and do not block the sunlight for each other.
Now you have to dig a 70 cm long, wide and deep holly pit inside the specified distances and fill the dug pits with soil and enriched fertilizer.

For enriched fertilizer, it is better to use nitrogen fertilizer with potassium, phosphorus and micronutrients.
After the ground is ready for planting, you should remove the seedlings from their container and after cleaning the roots, plant the seedlings.

Root cleaning means to separate the plucked and cut roots, because these roots contain germs and bacteria and damage other roots after planting seedlings.

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