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Different cultivars of Iranian pistachios with international names:
Considering the difference in the naming of Iranian pistachio cultivars with international names, you can place these Iranian pistachio cultivars under international cultivars using the following classification:

Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami kernels pistachio are the same as Long pistachios in the international market.

The hazelnut variety (or its other name: Ohadi) is the same round pistachio in the world markets.

And the type of ram’s head, which is a very old and well-known name, is Jumbo pistachio in the world market.

Naming types of Iranian pistachios
Classification of Iranian pistachios with international names
In the following, we will fully introduce each type of Iranian pistachio.

Almond pistachios:
The fruit of this type of pistachio in Iran is almond-shaped, small and dagger-like, and has a dull color. Most of its leaves are 5 leaflets.

Almond pistachio is one of the early flowering varieties and since it can be harvested in the first half of August, it is considered one of the very early varieties. This type of pistachio has more production in Khorasan province and as it was said, it belongs to the Long smiling pistachio category.

The Iranian name of this type is less heard in the world markets. Common sizes of this type of pistachio start from 26 and are available up to 38.

Almond pistachio
Pistachio Akbari:
Akbari pistachio is a very long and well-shaped pistachio (Super Long) that has its own special customers almost all over the world. The most well known and famous type of Iranian pistachio in most countries of the world.

which is also known by its Iranian name. Akbari pistachio trees do not produce much every year and usually have a large fruit every few years.

This variety of Iranian pistachio belongs to the category of long pistachios. Of course, due to its elongated size, in many cases, the special name Super Long is used for this pistachio. The Akbari type of pistachio is available in sizes 20 to 28.

Akbari’s handpicked pistachios

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei:
One of the new examples of Iran’s commercial pistachio is Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. The high productivity of its tree and the short time required for harvesting are the distinctive features of this type of pistachio. India and Greece are among the countries that demand Ahmad Aghaei’s pistachios.

The white color of its skin and the red core of this type of pistachio have made Ahmed Aghaei famous as one of the best types of pistachios. This pistachio is considered to be one of the medium-flowering and late varieties.

Its production is very high in Kerman province and it is placed in the category of long pistachios. This type of pistachio nut is made of pistachios and can be found in sizes 22-24, 24-26, 26-28, 28-30. Also, size 20-22 is available in small quantities for this pistachio.

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