A Scavenger Found an Agate Stone and Bought a Beautiful Palace

Information about agate decorative stone
Opal or agate is a semi precious agate stone and one of the minerals that consists of several chemical elements. Agate is a siliceous stone and a type of mountain door.

Agate is white to dark gray and black, yellow to red, green and light blue, and it is a famous stone among second grade jewelry.

Agate mineralogy
Agate is a type of quartz that has a hardness of 7 according to the Mohs hardness table. Among minerals, diamond with a hardness of 10 has the highest degree of hardness and is considered the most resistant mineral.

and graphite (pencil lead) has a hardness equal to 1. It can be said that original agate has a suitable hardness with a 3 degree difference compared to diamond.

This difficulty is one of the ways of pricing agate and distinguishing the original from its substitute. For example, if you have an artificial agate ring and massage it with a rough woolen cloth.

it will get scratched, but the surface of the original agate will become more shiny. Stay with us to get to know the healing and transcendental properties of agate.

The word agate is derived from the name of a river called Agate in the peninsula of Sicily. Agate rubble was probably obtained from the bed of this river in the old days.

Agate is semi-transparent or opaque, and is made of chalcedony layers, each of which is decorated in different colors or even the same color, or alternating layers of opal are seen among them.

The opals that were extracted from German mines in the past have red, pink and brown colors and sometimes gray bands are seen between these layers.

These mines are not usable today. According to the type of shape and structure of agate layers, different words have been given to agate in business and science.

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