A Woman Strangled her Husband with a Kitchen Towels in Kenya

Towels, hand towels, tea towels, etc., are among the essential cloth items in all kitchens and have many uses, but their decorations can have a special effect in the decoration of the kitchen.

so in this article you can see an example of decorations. See the stylish and beautiful kitchen towels in kenya and follow it.

In the previous articles, we have provided you with training on how to make all kinds of cloth kitchen items, including sewing sewing, sewing a raincoat, and also teaching how to sew kitchen gloves.

but since decorations play a big role in the beauty of these items, we want a model of decoration. Dear friends, we will teach you how to make towels or kitchen napkins with watermelon design, so you can join us to learn it.

Fancy kitchen towel decoration

Decorating the kitchen towel with an attractive and beautiful idea
Making beautiful and fancy designs, such as the design we intend to teach for this article, is an attractive idea for decorating towels, napkins and other cloth items for the kitchen, especially the bride’s dowry.

Items needed
kitchen towel
felt fabric
colored ribbon
Black acrylic paint
double sided glue
Necessary tools for towel decoration
Video tutorial on decorating kitchen towels
At first, it is better to choose a suitable ribbon for your desired towel, then it is time to choose the suitable felt with the color of the fruit you have chosen.

here we want to use the watermelon fruit design for decoration, so to You need pink and green felt.

Kitchen towel decorations

Kish ticket

Dandelion 24
Now, after preparing the desired items, smooth the felt fabric with the help of a layer of special paper and with an iron, then draw your desired pattern, which is the watermelon design here, on the fabric and then cut it with scissors.

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