An Apple that Stayed in the Bedroom for a Day Changed Color

These days, you have heard the name of apple slimming diet a lot. An English proverb says that eating an apple a day will keep you from going to the doctor, but Tommy Flynn (nutritionist) claims that eating three apples a day will help you lose weight.

Tommy Flynn has invented a diet called the apple diet, according to which he claims to lose 7.5 kilos in 12 weeks. In fact, this type of diet complements other food plans. To do this, consult your doctor first.
Background on the Apple Diet The Apple Diet was first developed at a gym in Washington (where Dr. Flynn worked as a nutritionist and exercise trainer).

Flynn advised a client who was having trouble losing weight to eat an apple before each meal as a snack. Two weeks after doing this procedure, the client reported that he lost one kilo. Flynn also developed this method as a gym regimen and claimed to have received similar results, and in 2005 Flynn published the regimen in full detail in his book.


Apple Slimming Diet Guide The main program of this diet was to eat an apple before the main meals, but now it also includes food guide and exercise program.

Those who follow this diet should eat low-fat and high-protein foods and their daily calorie intake should be from 1200 to 2500 calories.

The menu of this program for one day includes cheese and vegetable omelet for breakfast, whole grain spaghetti with sauce for lunch and salmon salad for dinner, and protein shakes and yogurt are also used as snacks. Those following this diet should do a combination of aerobic, stretching and strength exercises every day.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Apple Slimming Diet Apple slimming diet encourages its clients to consume fresh products and protein and asks them to have a routine plan for exercise, of course, a sport that does not require high costs for supplements and equipment.

Laura Kelly (writer for SunSentinel) tried this diet for a week in 2008 and reported that she didn’t feel hungry, but she didn’t follow the exercise plan.

Those who follow this diet may get tired of eating three or more apples a day for 12 weeks.

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