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How to make money by making herbal soap at home?
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How to make money by making herbal soap at home?

Many of us do not have the opportunity to work and earn money outside the home!

For this reason, we are looking for a business idea at home so that we can earn a good income.

If you are one of those people, don’t miss this article!

Although making product differentiation of bathing soaps in the traditional way has a very long history in Iran, making herbal soap at home is one of the relatively new businesses in Iran!


Why do we suggest herbal soap making home business?
Iran is rich and diverse in the field of medicinal plants (which are used in making herbal soap).
Making herbal soap has a lot of variety and the market is not saturated!
You can start this home business with the facilities available in the kitchen.
You do not need to rent a shop or workshop and you will do your work at home.
You don’t need much initial capital and you will start your new business at home with minimum capital and facilities and you will develop it over time.
Soap is readily available and you can easily train in no time!
This business can be developed and expanded as much as you want!
With a little effort, you can have specific instructions for making herbal soap with your name and brand and become an expert in this field.
If you produce a quality product using native Iranian additives that are not easily available in other parts of the world, you will have the possibility to export your herbal soap.
What is soap and how is it made?
The main composition of soap, which is used to make base soap and is common to all soaps, is alkali and vegetable oils (or animal fat).

By adding alkali to oil, soap is produced and a by-product called glycerin is produced.

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