It is very common to use cellulases in detergents to improve the appearance

Of course, the enzymes that are added to detergents maintain their activity up to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and against detergents, soaps, oxidizing agents such as sodium perborate that produces hydrogen peroxide, optical brighteners and other types of substances at a pH between 8 and 10. 5 must resist.

Enzymes naturally act as catalysts for certain softener dispenser in lg washing machine biochemical reactions. When used in laundry detergents, they can target stains and remove them by dissolving them.

The six types of enzymes used in detergents work in the same way. Protease, which is most commonly used in laundry detergents, converts protein stains such as blood, vegetables, eggs, and human sweat into soluble particles.

Amylase breaks down starch stains or carbohydrates and snakes in the philippines removes starch-containing stains, such as pasta, potatoes, chocolate, and baby food, prevents starch from sticking to laundry surfaces, dishes, and prepared foods, and makes dishes and clothes look beautiful and shiny.

Today, it is very common to use cellulases in detergents to improve the appearance and beauty of fabrics and clothes.

Lipase removes fat stains related to vegetable oils such as corn and olive and body sweat, which are difficult to remove at low temperatures.

Lipases hydrolyze triglyceride into wall mounted closet height from floor hydrophilic mono and diglycerides, free fatty acids and glycerol, which are soluble in alkaline conditions.

Mananase removes food stains such as chocolate, salad dressing, cosmetics and gum. Pectinase removes fruit and vegetable stains, paste, processed foods, sauces, jams, juices.

Enzymes in cold water are more efficient in removing stains tricot fabric and cause less use of detergents.

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