Lexus, which is simulated from the subcrop tractor

The decision to replace old and used agricultural machines with modern machines will lead to timely agricultural operations and consequently a significant reduction in production costs and an increase in income.

In this regard, a study was conducted in Kerman city in order to know the causes of parts failure and to determine the approximate statistics of MF285 tractor failures(which are the most used in the country). And 50 users of this tractor were collected in this city.

The highest percentage of parts failure
Examining the percentage of failure of the parts showed that the injector pump and the internal parts of the engine have the highest percentage respectively.

The statistical analysis of the data shows that water pump failure is one of the other common failures in this type of tractor.

It was observed that the failure of the felt bowl (28 percent), the tightness of the propeller belt and its laxity (15 percent).

the watering of the water pump (57 percent) are the main causes of the failure of the water pump.

The study of the failure of other parts also showed that the failure of the pump and the steering jack have the greatest effect on the failure of the steering wheel.

Management of agricultural machines is a subset of farm management, which determines the best combination and implementation of the most suitable method in the use of machines related to

productionby measuring and evaluating the available options and possibilities.

.Causes of depreciation and failure of agricultural machinery
The lack of optimal use of experienced forces and the lack of replacement of new methods in automation and management of maintenance and repairs in large industrial and especially agricultural complexes will cause rapid depreciation of equipment and machinery.

Heavy costs of spare parts and reduced repair intervals on the one hand, reduction of services or final product due to long and consecutive stops of equipment and machinery on the other hand, will cause the finished price of the product to be more than the calculated value.

Mandatory application of maintenance and repair management in the agricultural industry
The development of machines and the creation of advanced systems in the last century has caused less use of the force involved in the project.

Since the agricultural industry in our cheapest sub compact tractor country is growing rapidly and will be forced to compete with big companies in the not too distant future,

Managers should have the necessary preparation to adapt to new management systems, including maintenance and repair management, so that they can gain the advantage of competing in the global arena based on the new order governing this management, and in order to achieve the best level of productivity and ability. Be sure to move.

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