Protein Whey Powder is Used for Criminal Fingerprints

Does cause hair loss? In answer to this question, you should say no; protein whey powder is an important part of hair and it is obvious that it can even improve hair growth, but sometimes some people consume too much whey protein or they use other supplements containing amino acids in addition to whey protein.

Hair loss occurs due to the fact that hormonal disorders may occur with the increase of amino acids. But consuming whey protein in the usual dose will not cause hair loss and you can use it with ease.

Whey protein and kidney stones: Are kidney stones and kidney problems side effects of taking whey protein supplements? Kidney stones occur when some components of urine such as oxalate and uric acid increase too much.

Also, when you use too much protein, the function of the kidneys is multiplied and the breakdown of proteins may increase the possibility of kidney stones.

If your kidney is prone to stone formation, it is recommended to avoid consuming whey protein because kidney stones may form in your body. Kidney stones block the flow of fluids in the body and cause damage to the organs as well as infection.


Whey protein may reduce the absorption of levodopa, which is mostly used to treat Parkinson’s disease, in the body.

Therefore, this supplement should not be used at the same time as the mentioned medicine.

Whey protein may also interact with alendronate, antibiotics such as tetracyclines, and quinolone antibiotics.

In general, it is recommended that if you are taking any type of special medicine, before starting to take whey protein supplement, you must consult your doctor so that he can check this supplement in terms of drug interactions.

In this article, we examined the side effects of taking whey protein supplements.

These side effects usually occur only if taken outside the dose and more than usual. Whey protein can be considered a suitable supplement for building muscle, increasing muscle strength and improving recovery after exercise.

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