Raise the Target of Dishwashing Liquid With Market Mountain Tea

We have reviewed hand dishwashing liquid in this article, so stay with Sikacam until the end of this article. In this study, the formula of manual dishwashing liquid detergent with combinations of ionic, non ionic and zwitterionic surfactants (dipolar ion) in terms of viscosity.
cloudiness temperature, foaming power, foam characteristics, washing performance, skin irritation test and cost The products produced in multiple companies have been compared and reviewed.
In this study.
it has been determined thattarget market of dishwashing liquid formulas containing linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid (sulfonic acid) have a higher performance in removing stains.
without leaving a stain effect on the dishes, in addition to having a moderate foaming power with hard water.
Our recommended formulation of 10% sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate with 2% sodium lauryl ether sulfate (Texapen) and 2% coconut diethanolamide .

(Loramide) or 2% betaine results in better washing performance, less skin irritation, higher viscosity, comparable cloud temperature.
And the price is lower compared to two products from companies A and B in the market, which respectively contain 12% of linear sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, 9% of sodium lauryl ether sulfate (Texapen).
and 6% of betaine. Manual dishwashing liquid detergents are still of considerable importance in the market and are used in almost every home.
even in parallel with automatic dishwashers. The modern definition of hand dishwashing liquid detergent Aqueous solution, which is a combination of different surfactants.
combined with other special substances, whose function is to increase the foam, stabilize and homogenize the formulation and create the appropriate viscosity.
Nowadays, dishwashing liquid detergents often contain special combinations of different types of surfactants to enhance their cleaning performance and are also able to keep the skin of the hands soft. The type and level of surfactants are the main parameters of dishwashing liquid detergents such as foaming power.
clean They control washing performance and viscosity.
The combination of different surfactants has many industrial applications because they show better properties than their constituent units, these properties can be explained by the synergistic interactions between the constituent units in mixed micelles (charged organic colloidal particles).

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