Setting Fire to aFactory with the Price of Handmade Leather Shoes in Pakistan

Maybe you have ever wondered what the difference is between hand-sewn shoes and regular shoes. In this article, a complete review of industrial and hand-stitched shoes is given.

Industrial shoes
Industrial shoes are often made by machines in such a way that their pattern is cut by the machine. This makes the parts of the leather that are not used in cutting become useless and wasted.

To avoid waste of leather, synthetic and processed leathers are usually used. Synthetic leather is not durable enough and cracks against cold and heat.

It can be said that only 95% of industrial leather shoes are made of leather and this claim is only true for famous leather brands.

This issue handmade leather shoes price in pakistan becomes important when materials such as fiberglass and plastic are used for sewing soles and uppers of shoes.

Plastic in itself is not bad, it can even be a good insulator against rain and water, but since our feet stay inside the shoes for a long time.

a good shoe is a shoe that is flexible with the shape of the foot, and since fiberglass does not have this flexibility, it causes damage. It goes to your feet.

Here is the importance of using leather shoes. Due to its flexibility, leather does not create any problem in shaping, and due to its durability, it can be used for a long time.

The difference between normal shoes and handmade leather shoes

History of leather shoes
It goes back to Egypt about five thousand years ago. At that time, the type of shoes indicated the social and economic class of people. The shape of shoes was changed in different periods. Sandals, open-toed shoes, closed-toed shoes, pointed shoes.

wide-toed shoes, high-heeled shoes, etc. were some of the popular shoes of that time. In the 14th century, tanned leather and cloth appeared, and for this reason.

the 14th century is considered the beginning of fashion. Between the 10th and 19th centuries, the shape of shoes changed a lot; But the biggest change was in the 18th century when, with the end of the Great French Revolution, people were looking for equal rights for men and women.

For this reason, the heel was removed from women’s shoes and all shoes became comfortable.

Handmade leather shoes
In handmade shoes, the leather is nailed to the bottom of the shoe. For this, you must be sure that the leather has enough flexibility to cover all parts of the shoe.

This work is done in industrial shoes by machines on the shoes, the problem of this method is that for the leather to become flexible.

they sleep it in salt water for 20 minutes so that the leather becomes soft and flexible. The machine can pull the leather on the shoe only once, and if this work is not done correctly, the surface of the shoe will not be uniform.

Also, in the hand sewing method, the shoes dry naturally within 3 days, this method gives them more durability.

In the manual sewing method, because all the work is done slowly and with human power, quality control is observed more.

In mass-produced shoes, since all the work is done with machines and machines, there is less attention to manual details, but shoes produced by human labor have more details and designs.

The difference between normal shoes and handmade leather shoes

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