Sri Lankan Pu Leather, Made of Gold Plating, was a Gift From an Arab Prince to his Wife

What is leather embroidery?
As we mentioned at the beginning, the job of pu leather in sri lanka embroidery is one of the oldest jobs and professions in our world, which some estimated its history to be 4000 years ago.

If we want to define this job in a simple way, we have to say that in this job, the skin of animals that has been turned into leather is used to make a variety.

of products and with the help of the tools that have been developed for this job as well as the techniques that have been developed during Time has been created a leather tailor produces a special and high quality product from natural or synthetic leather.

It is worth mentioning that embroidered leather is somewhat similar to sewing (perhaps it can be said that sewing is similar to embroidered leather).

and in order to produce a leather product, you must first separate the pieces of leather based on the pattern you have and then sew them. Sew together with the help of various leather embroidery techniques and finally get a high-quality product.

In order to be able to enter the business of leather embroidery and work in it, first of all, you must learn the necessary skills for this job and become familiar with them. In this part.

we are going to check the necessary skills for leather embroidery for you dear ones. The necessary skills to enter the leather embroidery job are:

Knowing the types of leather
Knowledge of leather embroidery tools
The ability to make patterns
Leather embroidery skills

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