The Arab Prince ate the Sun Valley Raisins of Iranian Rice and Liked it

Raisin trade (production and storage methods)
What information do you have about the sun valley raisins business, production and storage methods of this product? In this series of articles, we want to explain the business of raisins from zero to one hundred.

Raisins, which are dried grapes, have a profitable business. There are different types of raisins and Iran is the best place for grape production and raisins due to its favorable weather conditions.

In this article, we want to learn more about raisins and its types. In the next articles, we will also talk about its export.

If you want to become a raisin trader, read the article “How to become a raisin trader”.

What is a raisin?
Raisins are dried grapes. There are different types of grapes, seedless and seeded, and there are several methods of drying them.

Since this product is a dry fruit, it is available in all seasons of the year. Raisins have been known and produced for a long time since BC. With the passage of time.

people showed a great desire to use it in their food plans after getting to know the various important properties of this product. Raisins are one of the dried fruits that are famous and widely consumed in the world.

The important thing in preparing raisins is to choose the type of grapes, so the grapes that are chosen for making raisins must be completely healthy and without any damage or damage.

Also, the more yellow and golden the color of the grape, the sweeter and tastier the raisin made from it will be due to its high sugar content.

Raisin producing cities in Iran:
There are many raisin producing cities in Iran. Each of them has a ranking in terms of quality and quantity of production, which we mention the most important ones:

Cashmere is the first producer of green raisins
Malair is the first producer of pilaf raisins
Bonab and Malekan, the second place is Kashmesh Ploui
The third-ranked vineyard of Kashkesh Plovi
Zanjan ranks fourth in the production of rice pudding
Quchan, the fifth rank of Golden Raisin

Raisin production and storage methods
Raisin production methods:
Raisins are produced in four different ways, which are as follows:

Sunny Raisins:
In the sunny method, raisins are prepared with the help of the sun and without any chemicals. In this method, the raisins are dark brown and a bit dry.

The time required to prepare raisins in the sunny way is between 15 and 20 days, according to the weather conditions. It should be noted that sunny raisins can be prepared using a solution of water and pumice stone.

which is an organic and natural solution. If we prepare raisins without any additives, we should put them under the sun and not in the shade. Because the shade causes evaporation to take place over a long period of time.

which causes mold and spoilage of raisins.

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