Trader Goe’s Zucchini who Came to Iran Became Rich

Pumpkin: If you have recently become interested in gardening and planting edible plants, we recommend that you start this work by planting pumpkins.

Green or yellow trader goe’s zucchini that grow in spring and summer are very easy to plant and cultivate and make you more interested in gardening and agriculture.

• Growth period from fertilization to harvest: 45 to 65 days of green yellow squash 60 to 110 days of pumpkin

• Required amount of light: direct sunlight

• Amount of water needed: It should be watered every day. The soil should always be moist.

Planting and maintenance steps

Engirastor: To plant a pumpkin, you should choose a warm place with direct sunlight that has very good drainage. The soil should have the necessary fertilizers and minerals.

and you should plant its seeds in the early days of spring. It is better to sow pumpkin seeds at home a week before planting in a small pot and then transfer them to the soil.

To plant green zucchini, you should sow the seeds 2 to 5 cm deep in the soil and there should be a distance of 30 to 35 cm between each of them.

Of course if you have a large land the longer this distance, the better. For pumpkins and winter squash, there should be at least 45 to 75 cm distance between two plants.

taking care
After planting the plant, you should water its soil regularly. During the week, you should not let the soil of the plant dry too much.

But watering too much soil or too many leaves also causes mold. You should also wait for the first bloom to fertilize the soil. When you see the first pumpkin flowers, you can fertilize the soil.

When the pumpkin grows a little, put foam under it so that it doesn’t fall to the ground. You can make a metal or wooden scaffold for the plant to keep it upright and prevent.

the pumpkin from falling to the ground. Of course, pumpkin has a heavy weight and you should pay attention to this point.

Pumpkin diseases include bugs, moths, cucumber beetles, plant aphids, mite (plant parasite), nematode (parasitic worm) and freezing insects.

Downy and powdery mildews are other pumpkin diseases that can damage it. You can put a layer of cover on the soil of this plant to protect it from insect attacks.

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