Vital Honey in Qatar Changes the Color of the Eyes

What does a bee look like?
Honey bees are about 15 mm in size and their color is usually light brown. Honey bees are usually oval shaped creatures with golden yellow color and brown stripes.

Although the body color of vital honey in qatar bees varies between species and some honey bees have black bodies, all honey bees have dark to light spectrums. These dark and light stripes are aimed at bee survival.

unlike other species that hide when detecting the approach of predators, those with bright body color and the ability to sting act as a warning to hunters or honey thieves.

Everything you need to know about honey bees!
The appearance of a bee
Honey bee anatomy
Division of the bee body: ankle, foot, antennae, three parts of the thorax and six visible parts of the abdomen. The bee’s head consists of eyes, antennae and feeding structures.

Eyes include compound eyes, simple eyes: compound eyes help bees to perceive color, light and direct information from UV rays, while the function of the simple eye.

also called OCELLI, is to determine the amount Ambient light helps.

The function of antennas is to detect odors and measure flight speed. The mandible is the bee’s jaw, which is used in eating pollen, cutting and shaping wax, feeding larvae and queens,.

cleaning the hive, skin care, and fighting.

The thorax of the bee contains wings, legs and muscles that control their movement. The front wings, which are usually larger than the hind wings, are used for flight and as a cooling mechanism.

while the hind wings are used to heat and cool the hive.

Finally, the six abdominal segments include the female reproductive organs in the queen, the male reproductive organs, and insect stings in both worker and queen bees.

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