You Can Reduce air Pollution with Casual Leather Shoes

Leather shoes have the most compatible raw materials and molds with human feet
For various reasons, natural casual leather shoes is more compatible with human feet than fabric.

plastic and its derivatives; For example: the leather textures on the surface of the shoe have small pores that cause air exchange between the external and internal environment of the shoe, and with this breathability.

it prevents the creation of a bacterial environment, fungus, smell or other skin damage for you.
For example.

the inner and leather linings of the shoes, which are usually made of goat leather, due to the high softness of this leather in long term use.

never hurt the skin of the feet and do not deprive you of the feeling of comfort, or leather insoles due to their good elasticity and high absorption capacity.

The impact prevents the soles of the feet from being damaged during walks.
Leather shoe molds are usually one of the most standard shoe molds, which prevent destructive pressure on the foot by evenly distributing the pressure on the front and back of the foot.

and prevent the foot from deviating from its original structure, preventing undue pressure on the big toe or The small toe and even prevents the back and knees from being injured due to the non-standard shape of the shoe.

Leather shoes are easy to clean
Although the cleaning of leather shoes requires its own brushes and waxes, it can be washed and cleaned in a very simple and easy process. To learn how to clean leather shoes, read this article by clicking here.

You get along more easily with leather shoes!
Usually, leather shoes open more easily and conform to the shape of your feet, they are easier to maintain, and finally, if they are damaged (scratches, abrasions, minor color changes, pollution, etc.)

according to the range of after-sales services and the warranty of leather shoes, It is easier to repair than other shoes. Of course, the prerequisite for all these conditions is that you have bought your shoes from reputable stores.

The last thing is a gift for those concerned about the environment
Of course, protecting the environment should be one of the mental necessities of all of us, but there are nature-loving people who are more concerned about this field than others. Due to being made of natural materials.

(animal or plant skin), natural leathers can be easily recycled and if they are left in the nature, they quickly return to the cycle of nature and unlike plastic and fabric.

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